Tuesday, 18 November 2008

God help me....

OK. I've deleted Minesweeper and every form of patience game from my laptop. I have strictly forbidden myself ever to go on Puzzle Pirates again, after losing a whole day to it some months ago. I have resisted loading in SimCity or even the kids' Zoombinis game.

But I stumbled on this today: www.timesspellingbee.co.uk

Will somebody come straight round and press control-alt-delete for me please?


Lorna F said...

Consider those buttons pressed, Muvva!
What about all those blogs we read, too - ah, many a happy hour ...! :-)

Muvva said...

OK, Lorna, fess up. What's your highest run? I got to 120. I've always thought I was a great speller but it's amazing what words catch you out!